Hi there!

My name is Dustin and I’m fullstack software engineer from Germany. I have an extensive experience in software development in consideration of high quality standards.

To me, fullstack really means:

  • Choose the correct repo strategy (single or mono).
  • Setup a CI/DI pipeline.
  • Deploy with zero downtime.
  • Scale and rollback at any time.
  • Infrastructure changes and builds are reproducible.
  • Programming language and application frameworks are choosen based on team-knowledge and project requirements.
  • Use the best communications tools e.g Hangout, Slack.
  • Use a process framework like Scrum.

To me, quality really means:

  • Write unit, integration and performance tests.
  • Test your app in real world conditions aka E2E tests.
  • Establish Coding Standards.
  • Follow best-practices of the community.

Build, Measure, learn your entire life!

In the last years, I developed many web applications in different javascript frameworks from Angular 1 to Angular 5 or React. Today, I’m working at dynabase. We are helping our industrial customers to efficiently achieve their digital production targets and visions.

In my free time, I love to collaborate with the Opensource-Community. I'm also maintainer of several opensource projects. Check out my Github Profile.