Hi there!

dustin deus

My name is Dustin and I’m fullstack software engineer from Germany. I have an extensive experience in software development in consideration of high quality standards.

To me, fullstack really means:

  • Choose the correct repo strategy (single or mono).
  • Setup a CI/DI pipeline.
  • Deploy with zero downtime.
  • Scale and rollback at any time.
  • Infrastructure changes and builds are reproducible.
  • Use the best communications tools e.g Hangout, Slack.
  • Use a process framework like Scrum.

To me, quality really means:

  • Write unit, integration and performance tests.
  • CI/DI on my fingertips.
  • Test your app in real world conditions aka E2E tests.
  • Establish Coding Standards.
  • Follow best-practices of the community.

Build, Measure, learn your entire life!

In the last years, I developed many web applications in different javascript frameworks from Angular 1 to Angular 5 or React. The backend was implemented in Node.js, C# (.Net) or Golang. The infrastructure was offloaded on cloud providers like AWS.

Currently, I’m working at dynabase. We are helping our industrial customers to efficiently archieve their digital production targets and visions.

In my free time, I love to collaborate with the Opensource-Community. I'm also maintainer of several opensource projects. Check out my Github Profile.