Distributed Event Store with NATS-Streaming

This is my first post on medium. I’m going to talk about my hands-on experience while implementing a distributed event store. The goal was to implement event sourcing from scratch and offloading reliable message delivery to NATS. https://medium.com/@deusdustin/distributed-event-store-with-nats-streaming-43981cb19fe0

Standard formatting in Javascript

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Formatting in Javascript must not be pain. You don’t have to use any linting configurations files. No .eslintrc, .jshintrc, or .jscsrc files to manage. Beside linting it also warns you about programmer errors early e.g unused variables, unhandled errors and more. Give StandardJs a try! Installation 1 npm install standard --save-dev Editor support vscode-standardjs vscode-standardjs-snippets Other editors Using Format your code with standard Fix code with standard -fix Examples Simple integration in your build scripts.

An example microservice system using Hemera and best of today

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aither aither Aither shows an approach how to bootstrap a microservice system with Hemera and docker. You can scale your worker in seconds and because we use NATS as “nervous system” for our distributed system we do not have to carry about service-discovery or load-balancing of hemera-services. We use traefik to load-balancing the api-gateway. This configuration will setup: Hapi http server which act as api-gataway to the Hemera services. Microservice example which is responsible to add two numbers.